Meridian therapy techniques (like EFT, TFT, neigong, etc.) use the acupuncture meridian points, but instead of inserting needles into the points, you tap or apply pressure to the acupuncture points.

When you combine this physical/energetic therapy with specific psychotherapy techniques (venting, awareness of the problem, re-framing the problem, dealing with subconscious objection and saboteurs, etc.) the result is a very powerful mind/body healing technique that can release trauma and illness from both your mind and the very tissues of your body.

We have a few resources for you to explore this powerful healing therapy further:

Download this mp3 audio where EFT therapist, Annabel Fisher, interviews digestive disease expert Jini Patel Thompson. Jini refused surgery and healed herself of Crohn’s disease using natural, holistic methods. Annabel and Jini discuss the methods she used to overcome an ‘incurable’ disease, why and when the body heals, and why it doesn’t, and how EFT is the perfect tool when it comes to addressing digestive diseases, and the root causes.

Download the EFT Basic Instruction Manual so you can get started immediately with this powerful therapy.

Download the 1-page EFT Basics chart

Find an EFT practitioner in your area at and click on their practitioner listings. Try to find someone who specializes in your condition.

If you are currently suffering with an acute or chronic illness, then watch our Healing Journey Movie for encouragement and hope. At the end of the short movie, you can also download Jini Patel Thompson's article on Spiritual Healing and her teleseminar with Dr. Gabor Mate, MD, the bestselling author of When The Body Says No as they discuss how exactly the mind/emotions and body are inextricably linked - and why you have to heal both to see any long-term results in your physical body.

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